Kella Parris Birch & Lucy Cordes Engelman

Artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, thinkers, feelers, healers. Avid documentarians. Experts in making things happen, ie producing.

Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam, Washington DC, Hudson NY, Ohio.

Come to us with all your problems, we will welcome you with open arms, we will feed you the mystery of the world. 

Shorlisted ~ Sundance Episodic Lab 2016, Shortlisted ~ Youtube/Sundance "New Voices" 2016, Shortlisted ~ Humanitas New Voices Prize, Shortlisted ~ Sundance Screenwriter's Lab 2014. 

Fordham University 2010 (Kella), Oberlin College 2010 (Lucy)

Kella's Paintings 

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The Secret Service